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Real Time Visual & Audio Conferencing Services

We understand the importance of keeping in touch with clients, vendors, and co-workers across the globe.  Our real-time audio and visual conferencing services help you get the job done.  After more than 40 years in business, we pride ourselves in quality, reliability, and integrity.

Laptop - Visual Conferencing Services


Attend any FDA Advisory Committee meeting, or host your own conference from your computer with our live webcasting service . Our webcasts are iOS and Andriod device compatible, enabling you to take the meeting with you on any platform or mobile device.  Webcasts are available for repeated online viewing for up to one year from the initial broadcast.  Additionally, DVD copies of webcasts are available for order.

Total Audio & Visual Support

We provide comprehensive A/V services including complete sound systems, push to talk microphone with built-in voting systems, and high resolution video projectors.  All of our state of the art equipment can be integrated with the system you have in your meeting room.

On-Site Services & Sponsor Support

Hosting a large meeting can be a daunting task. Let our on-site professionals take the pressure off by providing seamless and reliable A/V support. We are able to provide a comprehensive audio and visual package for you and your sponsor. With the option of a direct feed from our cameras onto large monitors or projectors in a neighboring room, we allow your team to watch the meeting and presentations in private.

Contact us at (844) 627-8171 in Brookeville, Maryland, to learn more about our customized visual and audio conferencing services.